Donation-Tracker: Easy and safe!

Our users are routed through a secure connection to the payment service provider where they process their payments. Then the user is directed back to Donation Tracker and the payment has been successfully completed! The receiver now has all the data live on the dashboard.

Donation-Tracker: Workflow
Donation-Tracker: Preview 1 - Website

Website Dashboard

In the Dashboard, you will find all the settings you need.

Among other things, you will find the Alert-Creator, Goal-Creator, Ticker-Creator, Wishlist-Creator, Raffle-Creator and much more.

Everything is open to you, just try it out.
Donation-Tracker: Preview 2 - Donation-App


With our Donation-App for the PC, you also keep an overview of your donations.

Among other things, the app extracts 8 different text files, which you can define yourself and then integrate into your Livestream.

Also, the app shows you new donations in real time.

Simple & convenient, coupled with a fresh design.
Donation-Tracker: Preview 3 - Android App


With the Android-App, you can keep track out of the house.

You can make all settings or simply check how many donations have been received.
An active Internet connection is required.

Download now for free:

Android App Download